Saturday, April 5, 2014


My initiated works with my studio partner in Kancata,Dicky Saputra.We made two illustration  for our postcard project and here's mine. Satria is Indonesian words for warrior,the illustration was inspired by traditional warrior from several tribes in Indonesia.

STA on progress

I currently Involved with another project from Listen to The World,Support The Arts.The project aimed to make an artworks based from the content in their website.It's never been easy for me to work with Listen to The World,They always challenge me in how far I can build my own opinion and interpretation.
Listen to The world also request all the artworks results in traditional ways,which contrast with my works were I usually combine digital approached.

drawing session with all the Support The Arts visual contributor,lead by Adikara Rachman as our mentor.
photo by Adikara Rachman