Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Late night conversation

Today I got a little break, even just for a day, but its make me can do a lot, good time sleeping, continue the things that I not gotten do, checking the old works, try do some retouch of it, start to drawing.
The day ended with some old friends callin, a very good friend.
He just came up on my mind after yesterday he called for a meeting. but sure the preparation of the student exhibition makes me can't do it. He is a good person that I often trusted for an advice or encouragment, he always tell the things so clearly and straight even sometimes those makes me spechless. but it not a big deal, after all I always like his overview.
it's been long time we didn't meet or made a call. surely at that time we talking and share lot of things, I started with tell that I had
dreamed him, and spontaneously he cut my story ( even I haven't tell it) " is it I'm dead?? huahaha.." so the story goes again.. blablabla
he share his latest condition, about his father latest condition.( get well soon pap!), works, and his mariage plans in next year (do it!). as I always did before, I asking all the matters that still hangging, especially about my 2011 coldfeet. And so doctor Bernadus gave his prescription. "exsposure buy!" a short statement but means lot to me. thank you Ben.
so guys the things that i want to share from our late night conversation (hope it will helped) :
" make your self important! "

Monday, September 13, 2010

One of us

Taken from the lyrics of Joan Osborne songs and her clip "one of us".

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shine On

A few days ago we heard a very sad news about an ambush from Israeli soldier to the volunteers inside the Marvimarmara Ship. in this poster, I just want to share about my belief. The same belief Palestine people have, that God will always shine and protect their land.


This is my drawing series for "keroyokan". "keroyokan" is a humble photocopy magazine created by Bima, a good friend of mine. This magazine contained several artworks from my college mate.
some of these profit sales will be donated to support an exhibition project in our campus.