Saturday, June 8, 2013


Aqua has invite me to participate in their 40th Anniversary campaign project "Temukan Indonesiamu" each artist and illustrator who involve in this campaign will make one illustrations from 40 important moment that happened in Indonesia, and I got  to illustrate a moment in 2011 when rendang became in first chart for the Best Food in The world by CNN.

The ideas of this illustration inspired by Merantau tradition from Minangkabau people. Merantau is leaving from village in particular time to exploring another possibilities. 
In 16th century the journey through the river waterways in Sumatra took much time, so when the Minangkabau sailor and merchant goes merantau they brought rendang as their supplies, because rendang was known as a durable food which can be keep and consume for a long time. 

So that the story how rendang can spread over not only in Indonesia but also in south east asian region. and I thought the merantau tradition have a similar values with the purpose of the outer space journey today.