Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Late night conversation

Today I got a little break, even just for a day, but its make me can do a lot, good time sleeping, continue the things that I not gotten do, checking the old works, try do some retouch of it, start to drawing.
The day ended with some old friends callin, a very good friend.
He just came up on my mind after yesterday he called for a meeting. but sure the preparation of the student exhibition makes me can't do it. He is a good person that I often trusted for an advice or encouragment, he always tell the things so clearly and straight even sometimes those makes me spechless. but it not a big deal, after all I always like his overview.
it's been long time we didn't meet or made a call. surely at that time we talking and share lot of things, I started with tell that I had
dreamed him, and spontaneously he cut my story ( even I haven't tell it) " is it I'm dead?? huahaha.." so the story goes again.. blablabla
he share his latest condition, about his father latest condition.( get well soon pap!), works, and his mariage plans in next year (do it!). as I always did before, I asking all the matters that still hangging, especially about my 2011 coldfeet. And so doctor Bernadus gave his prescription. "exsposure buy!" a short statement but means lot to me. thank you Ben.
so guys the things that i want to share from our late night conversation (hope it will helped) :
" make your self important! "